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Welcome! My name’s Amunet and I’m so happy you’re here.

I went through my awakening back in 2008 and my world changed right before my eyes.

The energy danced within my body and my mind was blown open. I thought I was going crazy, and I was worried that other people would think I was nuts.

I felt really isolated and alone during that time. I was totally bliss-ed out, freaked out, and willing to just let go to see what would happen next, but what could that possibly be?

Awakening was my greatest gift, and I feel rich beyond measure. My heart is open and energy sings to me. I see myself in everything that is, and I can feel a true sense of peace.

Are you on the awakening path, or do you want to be?

This blog was created for you, and I am welcoming you with open arms. I want you to know that there is nothing wrong with you!

I’ve always felt like the weird one, even in the weird group. I would be so incredibly happy to be with like minded people, but I soon realized that I was the odd duck in the group.

Do you feel like you don’t always fit in or that you’re on a path less traveled?

Spiritual awakening means that a part of you dies so another part of you can birth forward and express itself fully. This can happen suddenly, or gradually over time.

Creativity and inner work, along with practices like meditation, are gateways to spiritual awakening.

The deeper you go with inner work, the more you play in creativity, fun, and rest, the faster you awaken.

Here’s my take on spirituality and spiritual awakening:

~It is by embracing the human experience fully, while embodying your spiritual essence, that you will have the best of both worlds and live a peaceful aligned life.

~Spirituality isn’t all love and light. It’s down and dirty inner exploration and inner healing. It’s excavating what lies underneath your conscious awareness to release the hold that your ego has over you.

~Your ego is there to protect you and isn’t bad. It’s not something that you get rid of, but rather it’s something you become aware of so that it no longer controls you.

~Be your own guru. It’s perfectly fine to reach out for support, and learn ways to navigate your spiritual awakening, or to do your inner work, but realize that you are your own guru. Don’t give your spiritual power away to others.

~You don’t need to raise your vibration or be positive to have a spiritual awakening or to be a spiritual person.

~There’s no “expert” when it comes to spirituality and awakening. If you are fully enlightened there is always more. There is an infinite unfolding of awareness that happens – for eternity. The further along on the spiritual path you go, you soon realize that the more you know, the more you don’t really know anything at all.

~You don’t need to wake up. This may sound strange to you coming from a site that focuses on spiritual awakening! You may want to awaken, and it may be happening to you right now, but you really don’t need to.

~Be spiritual and grounded while embracing your human experience.

~Be your real self and feel your feelings. We all have negative thoughts and feelings. That’s what makes you human.

~Manifestation is mostly bull shit. Yes, the universe is composed of vibration and patterns, and yes, we are creators, but we create from our human body and use our subconscious mind to do this. We may receive inspired information from our intuition and soul, but then act on it from a human perspective.

You focus on what you want and then put action behind it.

When you focus on what you want, you engage your subconscious mind and suddenly you begin to see an opportunity that “wasn’t” there before, you take action, and voila you’ve just gotten what you wanted. Mystery solved!

To amplify this effect, you can do inner work, which creates a space inside of you to listen to your intuition so you can take inspired action.

If you manifested something give yourself a pat on the back and own your bad-assery.

Don’t believe me? Here’s something to think about.

Airplanes aren’t falling out of the sky right now. 50% (guess-timate) of people who get on an airplane have intense worry thoughts about the airplane crashing into the ground, coupled with an intense emotional response to those thoughts. According to the laws of manifestation, and coupled with the group consciousness effect, planes should be routinely crashing into the ground killing hundreds of people at a time, and yet air travel remains one of the safest ways to travel. 😉

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There is real magic in spirituality, awakening, and our human experience!

I’m sending you an internet air hug, and again, a warm welcome to your home away from home.

With love,


P.S. There will sometimes be rated R language in our articles and videos. Consider yourself warned. 😉