Did you know that when you came into your body, you came in with a blueprint, or “soul code,” for the work you will do here in this plane of existence?

As a spiritual person and an entrepreneur, you’re driven to create an impact in the world, to elevate consciousness, and fulfill your divine calling. You’re deeply spiritual and you may have even gone through a spiritual awakening. 

You must honor the promise you made to your soul when you came into your body to do your work.

True leadership starts with you, and it starts with you claiming that you are in fact a leader, and that you have soul gifts that can help others. 

If you feel, deep inside of you, that your calling is to help as many people as possible while you’re alive, then you have to ask yourself what is actually stopping you. 

God has given you amazing gifts that only you have, and there are people out there waiting for your gifts right now that you’re soul is aligned to partner with in this lifetime.

And here’s the truth – you don’t have the right to withhold your gifts from others. 

There’s really no sugar coating this fact. Your soul has ignited the desire for its blueprint to be expressed through you, and now is the time to let this happen. Now is the time to say yes to your intuition and step out into the unknown. Now is the time to claim your abilities without apology. 

Your wisdom and soul gifts have changed people’s lives, and now is the time to take this to the next level. It’s time to say yes to everything you are afraid of. It’s time to hit the ground running, and not look back. It’s time to say yes to having it all!

I see you. I see your unlimited potential and brilliance. Do you see this too?

Your light is radiating out from you, but you’ve got to commit to your soul work. Fear of being visible or being judged, feelings of unworthiness, lack of confidence, unhelpful money beliefs, over-giving, guilt, and past life trauma from when you were a healer can stop you dead in your tracks. 

This is really common, but you need to break out of this pattern and fulfill your spiritual calling. 

There are 3 steps to taking a quantum leap in your soul work:

1. Give your soul permission to express your divine blueprint through you as a vessel. 

When you give yourself permission to let your soul flow through you, your life can begin to rearrange to support you in your soul work. It can be challenging during this time because it often feels chaotic as your old life falls away in order to support the soul’s expression. Rest assured that all will be in the highest order to support your soul work. 

2. Acknowledge your fears. 

Once you acknowledge your fears, it takes away some of their power and allows you to examine them so you can release them. Actually, write them on a piece of paper to get them out of your brain. Is there any basis for the fear? If there is a basis for the fear, what can be done?

Replace the fear with a rational response whenever possible. Example: “If I do a Facebook Live I might look like an idiot.” Replace it with a rational thought that is believable to you. “I may mess up, but it’s really not the end of the world, and I’m strong enough to handle it.” 

3. Take one small action step towards fulfilling your larger calling. 

What is one thing that you can do today to help you move into fuller expression? Let this one thing stretch you just a bit out of your comfort zone. For a lot of spiritual entrepreneurs this is being visible. 

Being visible can be one of the scariest things you can do, because in doing this you’re acknowledging your light and your gifts.

You may be hiding your light, not allowing yourself to be bigger, being apologetic with your voice and your truths. 

This has kept you safe. Safe from ridicule, safe from being cast out.

These 3 steps can create the momentum you need to ignite your soul’s blueprint. Remember to honor the promise you made to your soul when you came into your body. Decide that you’re going to make this life count and commit to this decision. 

xoxo, Amunet

P.S. Do you want to go deeper? I have a free resource that can help you take this to the next level with your soul work. Spirituality empowers your work with others, and transforms you from the inside out. And the more attuned you are with your soul and spirit, the more transformative your soul work will be.

It’s such a beautiful thing! With spirituality comes spiritual awakening. Within your awakening is a deeper unfolding of your gifts and divine mission, so let’s deepen your spiritual awakening together with a free treasure trove of gifts to help you activate your soul’s blueprint, elevate your consciousness, and live a life of deep meaning. 

I promise—if you truly commit to stepping into this process and explore what it unearths, you’ll never be the same. You’ll understand yourself as an expression of God, and begin doing your work from that place of deep strength, awareness, and love. 

The reality is that a true awakening isn’t just one moment. It’s more than a single mountaintop experience. It’s an evolution into a higher self, a deeper sense of connection to others (and the world), and a greater purpose. And once true spiritual awakening begins, you can continue to cultivate it, day after day. 

The journey to transformation begins now. Click here to access your free treasure trove of gifts. Activate your soul’s blueprint, elevate your consciousness, and live a life of deep meaning. 


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